How to open urb carts

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To Open Our urb vapes are very easy. Below are 5 General and easy steps to that will help you to open Urb carts 

Step 1. Check the packaging:

Look for any instructions or guidelines provided on the packaging of the Urb cart. It may contain specific instructions on how to open it or use it safely.

Step 2:Twist-off cap:

Most cartridge-based vape products, including Urb carts, have a twist-off cap. Hold the main body of the cart securely and twist the cap counterclockwise to unscrew it. Be careful not to apply excessive force to avoid damaging the cartridge or causing any leaks.

Step 3. Attach the cart to a battery:

Once the cap is removed, you will see the threaded connection at the bottom of the Urb cart. This connection is designed to be compatible with standard 510-threaded vape pen batteries or devices. Carefully screw the cart onto the battery until it is securely attached. Take care not to overtighten, as this can also cause damage.

Step 4. Check compatibility:

Ensure that the Urb cart is compatible with the battery or device you are using. Some carts may require specific voltages or settings, so it’s important to read the instructions or consult the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step 5. Prime the cart (optional):

Before taking your first puff, it may be beneficial to prime the cart by taking a few short, gentle inhales without activating the heating element. This helps saturate the wick with the e-liquid and prepare it for optimal vapor production.


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