How do I store my cartridge?

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Keep it Upright:  

  • Store your cartridge in an upright position to prevent any oil leakage. Storing the cartridge upright and securely capped minimizes the risk of leakage. This ensures that your product stays where it belongs – in the cartridge.

Keep the cartridges out of the light:

  • A dark space for storage prevents light from degrading the products over time and causing oxidation of the distillate to occur. Opt for a storage space that’s sealed off and dark.

Avoid high temperatures:

  • Store your cartridge in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Extreme temperatures can impact the viscosity of the oil and may lead to leakage or clogging. Make sure not to store your cartridges near a heat vent in your home, on a windowsill, in your car’s glove box on a hot day, etc.. Exposure to air, light, and extreme temperatures can impact the viscosity of the oil, potentially causing clogs or affecting the overall vaping experience, and can also degrade the quality of the product over time.

Keep the terminal (the part that contacts the battery) and threads clean:

  • During storage or normal use, a small amount of sticky light brown residue can accumulate at the terminal or threads. It can be removed by lightly cleaning the area with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Avoid using too much alcohol, the goal is to pick up the residue with the swab’s tip. Multiple passes may be needed – just repeat until no more residue comes off on the swab. Let the alcohol dry completely before using the cartridge. 

If residue has built up, or the cartridge hasn’t been used in a while, the ball or valve that regulates the liquid can get stuck. If cleaning won’t allow it to move, you may want to apply light pressure to the valve with a small blunt tipped object like a toothpick. After loosening it, another cleaning may be warranted. 

What kind of battery should I use?

Our 2.2ml Cartridges are compatible with most “510 Thread” batteries, we recommend purchasing a “stick” battery as some batteries will not fit the width of the 2.2ml cartridges. The width of our 2.2ml cartridges are about 13.69mm. 
Batteries are not included with the purchase of cartridges and will need to be purchased separately. Our 510 Clicker Battery is now available for any 1 – 3 gram cartridges.

What is the best voltage to use?

The general range is 3.3-3.8 volts. Some consumers prefer a little lower around 2.7-2.8 volts to use the distillate more slowly and to prevent the distillate from burning. Batteries vary and a best practice would be to start lower and slowly raise the voltage to find the optimal setting

Why does my cartridge taste burnt?

Before using your vape cartridge, it’s crucial to ensure proper priming to avoid burning the coil and experiencing an unpleasant taste during vaping. Follow these steps:
Check Intake Holes: 
Verify that all four intake holes at the base of the cartridge are completely covered with oil. If not covered, refrain from using the cartridge until the holes are fully saturated.
Wait or Accelerate the Process: 
If the intake holes are not covered, you can wait for the oil to naturally fall and saturate the coil (may take over 24 hours). To expedite the process, use a hairdryer or heat gun to warm the bottom half of the cartridge for 30 seconds until the intake holes are covered.
To avoid a burnt taste, consider the following tips: 
Voltage Settings: 
Begin with a lower voltage setting on your 510 thread battery. Gradually increase the voltage until you find the optimal setting, preventing the oil from overheating and producing an unpleasant flavor.
Activation Intervals: 
Inhale while activating the battery to prevent the oil from overheating. Avoid prolonged activation without inhaling; take short, controlled puffs for even vaporization.
Monitor Oil Levels: 
Maintain an adequate oil level in the cartridge to prevent exposure of the heating element to air. Replace the cartridge before the oil reaches critically low levels. 
Avoid Over Tightening: 
Screw the cartridge onto the battery until snug to ensure proper airflow. Avoid over-tightening to prevent a vacuum effect that can lead to oil flooding and a burnt taste.

What are the voltage settings for the 510 Clicker Batttery?

Activate your battery with one simple click.  This 650mAh battery features a 10 second preheat setting to combat clogged cartridges. Try the variable heat settings to customize your experience. Easily charge your battery with the included Type-C charging cable. One full charge lasts about 5-6 hours. Use the magnetic connector to fit any 1 to 3 gram cartridges.
Click Settings: 
5 clicks (On/Off)
2 clicks (Pre-Heat at 1.8V)
3 clicks (Change Voltage Setting)
Voltage Settings: 
Green is the highest voltage (3.5V) – LED Indicator Blinks Twice
Blue is the medium voltage (3.3V) 
Red is the lowest voltage (3.0V) – LED Indicator Blinks Once
Connect the magnetic connector with the threads closest to the bottom of the cartridge.  
*Caution: Using the preheat settings can heat the magnetic connector. Wait for the cartridge to cool before disconnecting the connector from the cartridge base. 

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